Day 37 of Rally: Finding Non-Existent Roads in Russia

11709 kms traveled so far
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Today, we crossed from Kazakhstan to Russia and officially became experts at finding the worst roads in any country 😂

Having heard roads in Russia are great, we opted for a shorter route (than driving by Barnaul – a biggish city) and found ourselves driving on gravel for 5hrs! Yay us! 😂
But we did see a lot of Russian villages, stunning sunflower fields, and a ton of men wearing camo! Camouflage seems to be the print of choice for men’s jackets, hats, shirts, shorts, pants… you name it! At one point we wondered if these were remnants of their military service, but we did find boys too young to be in the military wearing the same print 🤔
All in all, a beautiful day with amazing scenery, just a bit hard on Harriet’s suspension.


(Met this wonderful couple at the Kazhak-Russia border. They spoke English – helped us get through immigration, helped us buy car insurance, and a SIM card.)

Crossing into Mongolia tomorrow. Might not have phone/internet access for the next 5 days (until we get to Ulaan Baatar)

Meanwhile, there are still 114 kids we want to send to school. Despite being unknown faces and names, unless we change it, these children will continue spending their lives working in farms and factories instead of going to school. It costs just $20/month. Can you help? 100% tax deductible donations can be made at
Thank you for your consideration 🙏🏽