Day 43 of Rally: The End!

20 countries, driving a tiny old car from London to Mongolia, 15,152 kms, 104 kids’ lives changed – all of this happened because of 106 donors, countless amazing friends, family, and supporters! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ❤️🙏🏽

By law, no child in India under 14 should work. But so many rural children are shackled by soul-crushing poverty that it forces them into child labor in fields and factories. Stats on Indian children: 2/3 are physically abused, 1/2 have known sexual abuse, 1/5 severe abuse. Over 1/2 work 7 days a week. There are over 12 million child workers in India officially, 60 million by some NGO estimates (from Hat tip: Soma Paul)

Your sponsorship gives a rural child a quality education and nutrition, and a passage to a normal life. We are at 104/200 kids sponsored. Donations can be USD or INR and are 100% tax deductible and can be made at Any amount is appreciated. Will you help?