Day 38 of Rally: Through Altai and Getting Stuck at Mongolian Border

12346 kms traveled so far
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Today, our aim was to cross into Mongolia before the border closed at 6pm. The 19 countries we’ve been through so far have 24hr borders. Except the Tashanta-Mongolia road border which is open only 9am-6pm. Accordingly, we started driving at 5:30am from Byisk, Russia, drove non-stop through the amazing Altai Mountains, stopped only for Petrol twice and a couple of photos. Just munched snacks and called it breakfast and lunch.


When we reached the Russia exit point at 2pm, they had gone on a “lunch break” and finally let us in around 4:15. After car registration, a thorough check of the car by customs, and the immigration stamps, we were done exiting Russia at 5:30pm. The Mongolian border control was 25kms away. Just mountains in between and no stopping. Got there in the nick of time, got the car in through transport control, got the passports stamped, but were 2 mins too late to get the customs stamp to get the car out! We could walk out the Mongolia border, but Harriet had to stay. We ventured into a nearby village, looking for food and stay, but too many drunks and the place looked super dodgy. So here we are, sleeping inside the car, in the Mongolian border control tonight. Temps are supposed to dip below 0 tonight – snowed here last night. Let’s see how tonight goes.



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