Day 41 of Rally: Staying in a Ger with Mongolian Nomads

13850 kms traveled so far
95/200 kids sponsored. Raising awareness & funds to send children in rural India to school. Donate at

After taking 10hrs to travel 270kms of no-roads, staying in a legit yurt/ger tonight!
Exhausted and excited!
This is a typical, modern-day, cattle-herding, ger-living, Mongolian Family. There’s a small TV, a dish antenna, and solar panel in the ger. The family also owns a old car and a motorbike. The grandma and grandpa wore their traditional attire just to pose for pictures – they wear western pants/shirts otherwise.




With not much sun or heat, it’s hard to be clean here – pretty much everything smells musty 😂
The grass in Mongolia though smells very herby – something close to the smell of sage, I think. Advantage of off-road driving, you smush a lot of grass which results in strong herby smell.

5 more kids sponsored will bring our number to 100. This is neither about the numbers, nor about us, it’s about getting kids off of farms and factories and into classrooms. Each number represents a child whose life will be changed for the better. Can you help share or donate at ?