(Air) Backseat & Breakfast

We’re AirBnB-ing our backseat for portions of the trip.

Sample Mini Rally trips:

Leg1: Pick person1 up in Baku or Turkmenbashi, drive through Turkmenistan for 3-4 days (Ashgabat, Gates of Hell) and drop you off in Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Leg2: Pick person2 up Dushanbe, Tajikistan, drive through the exciting Pamir Mountains (M41) and drop you off at Osh region in Kyrgyzstan or in Bishkek (5-6 days if nothing goes wrong)

Leg3: Pick person3 up in Bishkek, drive through Kazakh desert & central highlands, and drop you off in Barnaul, Russia (3-5 days)

Leg4: Pick person4 up in Barnaul and drive through Northern Mongolia to Ulaanbaatar (5-7 days)

Leg5: Pick person5 up in Ulaanbaatar and drive up to Ulan-Ude (Siberia) (1-2 days)

Leg0: Pick person0 up in Trabzon, Turkey, drive through Georgia and Azerbaijan, drop you off in Baku (3-5 days)


You will be able to experience a mini-Mongol Rally: we will give you approximate dates, because, obviously, we have no way of knowing exact dates, and you’re responsible for figuring out your own visas, whatever else one needs to travel legally in these regions, health, safety, communication tools, and anything else civilized people care about.

Guaranteed: a ride, food, sleeping bag, your own tent, traveling companions in the form of 2 middle-aged Indian women, feminists, vegans, the biases (conscious or unconscious) these words trigger in you, and, of course, an experience of a lifetime. (Discussion about biases and findings optional but welcome.)

Obviously, if we have to put up with you we expect a sizeable donation (tax deductible) to our charity.


Start bidding in the comments!



ps: If you know anyone at Airbnb, connect us!



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