Impecunious Friends

People with slim pockets

Ways you can help:
  1. Spread the word and help us hit our $100k fundraising goal! This is an interesting enough story that you will not earn the wrath and scorn of friends & strangers if you share this on Facebook, in your neighborhood mailing list, #random slack groups at work, any hobby groups you’re a part of, and if relevant, even professional groups, any women’s groups you’re a part of, any men’s groups you’re a part of…. pretty much any group that’s bigger than just you and your cat. Be the first to share an interesting story, and help us hit our goal of educating 400 children.
  2. Lend us stuff: GoPro/camera drone/communication equipment, toolbox for when the car breaks down (we will return all of these after the trip). Especially if you’re the well traveled backpacker types, please let us know about equipment we should carry.
  3. Convince a Bay Area Nissan dealer to give Chandini a weekend mechanic’s course. Convince T-Mobile to lend us communication equipment.
  4. If you can connect us to Partners, please do
  5. Help us optimize conversions on this site and craft better stories
  6. Audible book recommendations about the Silk Route (history, culture, economics)
  7. A collection of Country Songs about cars
  8. Your love, positive vibes, big smiles, and encouragement
  9. If you can’t give us your love, give us your money. Donate – just a few dollars can go a long way
  10. Follow us on Facebook here:
  11. Unsolicited advice


Thanks for supporting and being a part of this adventure!

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ps: Start thinking of questions you want to ask locals in Central Asia. We’ll record them answering your questions and reacting to your messages. We want you to very much be a part of this adventure. We’ll announce how to participate, shortly.

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