Day 22 of Rally: Stepping into Bukhara

7146 kms traveled so far
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We arrived late last night in Bukhara, Uzbekistan and spent today hunting for a mechanic and a SIM card. Uzbekistan has some very strict rules for foreigners: you must stay at a hotel or hostel, your stay must be registered with the police, and you can’t buy and activate a SIM card thesame day. That didn’t deter Anitha from walking 5kms to the UCell HQ and haranguing a befuddled official until he pointed her to the only dealer who was authorized to sell her one.
The dealer took her through a series of back alleys, exchanged mysterious hand signals with another “dealer”, slid her a SIM under the table, and fed her figs as she waited for the card to activate.

While she was SIM card hunting, I drove around looking for a mechanic to fit a sump guard in the underbelly of our car – to protect the oil sump from rocks and stones.

1 USD = 8000 Uzbek Soms. Pictured here is $10 worth of Soms


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