Day 3 of Rally: Our First Flat Tire

1591 Km traveled so far
16.5/200 kids sponsored.

So…nicked a curb at 40mph and bent the wheel. Tiny jolt to remind me of what would happen if there is a lapse in attention. 😱 Steel wheel (alloy would’ve broken) is now useless, will figure out later in Turkey if tire is salvageable (Germans don’t have wheels for Japanese cars in stock, so waiting until we cross into Asia). That was our best tire with great treads. As of now, we have no spare, but we do have good roads and a tire repair kit, so keeping fingers crossed.
To change the flat, we tried for a good 15mins to loosen the nuts before we flagged down a cyclist to do it for us. We had the car jacked just the right height, but the nuts were too tight for the two of us combined. Camping tonight and plotting how to build strong arms before we encounter our next flat tire.

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