Day 2 of Rally: Oh! The Joys of Driving a Puny, Old Car on the AutoBahn

1180km traveled so far
16/200 kids sponsored

Experienced first hand what it is to drive a tiny old car. Took us close to 13hrs to drive 930kms. According to google maps it is 9.5hours, but with Harriet lugging badly and whining loudly beyond 55mph, we were slower than a lot of trucks on the autobahn. Since we couldn’t get European insurance for Indian license (which is what Anitha has), I’m the only driver until we enter Turkey. But with no cruise control, driving for 12 of the 13 hours (we took 2 breaks) was a bit much on the legs. Right knee was getting stiff constantly on the throttle for hours on end, so switched over to using left foot on the accelerator (as shown below). That, added to driving a right-hand drive car on the right side of the road was the challenge for day 2 of Mongol Rally.

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