T-3 Days to Rally: Harriet Gets Decal-d!

Picked up the car from the awesome AVS Cars, drove it 2hrs to my colleague Matt Lerner’s place. The car which probably hadn’t been driven that long or fast in a long time loosened a few more nuts and bolts and started making rattling noises (more on that later). Had a ton of fun not just doing the decals but also going nuts with kids stickers on Harriet with the kids. Annika, the little one, cheerfully explained the bug sticker she put on the hood/bonnet of the car is there to greet the real bugs that will land on Harriet as we drive to Mongolia. Her dad was trying to convince her that there would be no “landing” for bugs on the car, just splattering. 😂



19990552_10211391177269803_5404695878828789615_n            19990123_10211391177589811_2103452505765222147_n

Still at 10.6/200 kids sponsored. Isha Vidhya also offers transport for kids as many children don’t go to school because of the distance they would have to travel. Please consider donating for a child’s transport subsidy for a year at http://happyharriet.co