T-4 Days to Rally: In Search of a Car

After some frantic searching last night, located a car near Bath.
It took 3hrs from Central London to reach Melksham (3 trains, a bus, and finally a cab) and gobs of cash (U.K public transport is EXPENSIVE!!!) to check out another old Nissan Micra.
But, traveling has its perks. Met cab driver Jeremy Du Toit, who when studying in Tulsa Oklahoma frequently drove cross country to Bakersfield, California to visit a friend. He and his wife very kindly offered to help me find another car, find a mechanic in Chippenham, or at least crash at their place until I found a car.


Met the wonderful Charlotte Armitage and her 2002 Nissan Micra, henceforth known as Harriet the Second! We registered the car online in my name, and keeping fingers crossed as DVLA says I could get papers in 5 days. Charlotte also bravely consented to put her life in my hands as I drover around the town of Melksham – on the other side of the road – asking her about road signs, not stopping for pedestrians, towards the post office to tax the car.
Bought car 
Taxed the car 
Transferred insurance to Harriet II 



Though it did seem like a long day, especially after the experience with the slimy car dealer the previous day, Jeremy and Charlotte restored my faith in humanity.


After trying to change gears using wrong hands and trying to turn onto the wrong side of the road a couple of times, I arrived with Harriet II at the mechanic almost 2 hours away in Womingham. Harriet II was in a bit of shaky state: leaky radiator, alternator and pump belts worn, one tire bald, left CV joint boot leaking, transmission oil leaking out of gear box, both brake pads worn out because of seized calipers, power steering fluid leaking, exhaust pipe completely rusted… left the car at mechanic to fix most things (except power steering and exhaust pipe) and popped over to the junkyard….


Desperate to save some moolah, popped by the junkyard to find parts. Ended up finding a 14″ steel wheel, replaced the tire on it with a new-ish one with the correct aspect ratio needed for Harriet. £20 for a spare wheel & tire! Score!

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