Day 34 of Rally: Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan

10314 kms traveled so far
80/200 kids sponsored. Raising awareness and funds to send children in rural India to school. Donate at

Today dawned bright with a fairy godmother donating $2500 to send 10 children to school. Before the end of the day, another fairy godmother sponsored 9 children! Very grateful to every one of you who has enabled 80 children thus far to go to school instead of to work in fields and factories. 🙏🏽 My life has changed because I get to witness the generosity, compassion, selflessness, and humanity displayed by each of the donors and every person who has supported our journey so far. Truly overwhelmed by the kind of people I’m surrounded by. My life is undeniably rich because of the people in it, and this journey has drilled that fact deep into me. 🙏🏽
120 more children to go. Onward and upward.

Today’s journey was like cutting through room temperature butter. The roads were smooth as baby’s butt. Left Kyrgyzstan and entered Kazakhstan. Around 7pm we found ourselves in a small town called Taldykorgan and stumbled upon a decent place to stay. The host however threw us for loop. When she gave us the key, she said “sorry, lavatory not working, you have to go up”. We skidded to a stop and said “what?! the room has no toilet?”. She looked at us like we had sprouted two horns and said “of course room has toilet, but lavatory not working, you have to walk up”. By now we caught on and asked “you mean the lift is not working?”. She said “yes, the lavatory. It takes you up.” We go “oh you mean elevator! Lavatory is toilet.” And she goes “No, it’s different in American and British English. Lavatory is lift”.


Don’t let a child grow up without learning the difference between an elevator and a lavatory. Yours or someone else’s. Just $20/month provides high quality education to a child in rural India. Donate at