Day 32 of Rally: Adventures from the Road Not Taken

9786 kms traveled so far
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Started driving at 6am. Tough mountain roads, but ended up seeing Song-Khol lake where Kyrgyz herdsmen graze their livestock during summer months and live nomadic lives in yurts. Some of the best landscapes I’ve ever seen!
In other news, Anitha has added one more skill to her resume: sunglasses wiping. Every 30-45mins, she wipes the dust off my sunglasses and the inside of the windshield, very very adeptly. A+







(Anitha’s Samsung phone keeps track of her daily “steps”. The last 4 days, it claims she’s averaged 25,000 steps – simply sitting in a car that shakes like a theme park ride.)

Finally arrived in Bishkek at 6pm.

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