Day 27 of Rally: Adventures on the Pamir Highway

8140 kms traveled so far
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Today, the pictures will do the talking. But the children working in factories neither have access to a camera nor these channels and audience to share their daily lives, the lack of choices, and the lack of opportunities for a better future. All of us have seen pictures of kids employed as child labor and want to help. Here is your chance to change the life of such a child. Please donate and/or help spread the word. No amount is too small and every dollar matters. 100% tax deductible donations can be made at





(Our resident diplomat made friends with locals (while I caught a quick snooze under a tree) and brought back a bounty of local summer fruit – tiny apricots, something they call “tutu” (looks like a mulberry, grows on trees), apples and pears. We stop to chat with friendly locals, in sign language, of course, whenever we can)