Day 25 of Rally: Staying Put Dushanbe

7715 kms traveled so far
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Today we stayed put in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Honestly, nothing much to see or do here (The top attraction is the world’s tallest biggest flagpole!)
So I’m dedicating this post to my teammate Anitha Reddy: Diplomat, photographer, and bargainer extraordinaire! We were in Dushanbe for less than 4 hrs and she had already made friends with someone from the Indian Embassy, a restaurant owner who found us an inexpensive guest house, and several neighbors of the said guest house – none of whom speak English! She has become fast friends with a 13yr old named Bobo and they both seem to have mischievous glints in their eyes – I’m watching my back. As for her bargaining skills: we once stayed in a 4 star hotel, listed at $120, for $40! She started at $35 and gave in at $40 so the manager could salvage some pride! 😂
We are doing the rally on a fixed per day budget and donating anything we don’t spend (ex: the day we camp, our accommodation budget gets donated). Just $20/month can break the poverty/child labor cycle a child in rural India is caught up in. Please donate at