Day 16 of Rally: On To The Ferry Across The Caspian Sea

5760 kms traveled so far
50/200 kids sponsored!!! We are at 1/4th of our goal, thanks to all of your donations and sharing! We are seeking tax deductible donations to send kids in rural India to school instead of to work. Help at

After a LOT of waiting and uncertainty, and a bit of bad blood, we are getting on a ferry to Turkmenistan. We load after the cargo trucks. The travel time is technically 18 hours, but depending on weather and how busy the Turkmenbashi port is, it might be 5 days before we unload the car (and ourselves) off the boat.

Then past the notoriously slow customs (Zootopia Sloth slow), and then max 5 days in Turkmenistan where we are roumered to have no access to social media (or maybe even internet). Maybe it’s all just boogeyman stories and I’ll be back badgering you tomorrow. Who knows. Until then, we are going dark. Radio silence commencing in 3…2….120431705_10211544128933499_7478427289876028963_n.jpg

Our fundraising is not going into radio silence though, so please continue to share and help us send 150 more kids to school. 🙏🏽