Day 8 of Rally: Navigating Samsun, Turkey

4275kms traveled so far
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Drove 8hrs to Samsun, Turkey today. This might be the first spot we halt more than one night.
First of, I’ve got an important announcement to make: Anitha Reddy has mastered 1st, 2nd and 5th gears! Proud of her progress! We should be able to add in 3rd, 4th, Reverse, half clutching, letting go of clutch smoothly, letting go of accelerator when engaging clutch, not panicking when car starts to move in reverse when clutch is engaged etc etc. very soon! I think. Definitely before the end of the trip. I hope… 😅
After an excellent vegan lunch assisted by google translate and a very accommodating baker, I took over the driving. Got to Samsun, drove the wrong direction in a one way in their very crowded marketplace, decided to stay in a hotel (because, you know, running water 🙏🏽). The “free parking” in the hotel listing turned out to be a space narrower than motorcycle parking. After executing a 32 point turn to get Harriet in there, I jumped out the passenger seat.
We are likely spending more than one night here. Just spent the last 5hrs on my phone with super slow internet, updating Instagram with all the posts in this album (because people without FB account can’t see this album 🙄) so I can spam my friends with emails the next few hours. 😈
This rally has revealed to me the number of friends I have that I can shamelessly harass and exploit. Truly grateful 🙏🏽
Maybe if I’m done with enough emails by tomorrow, I can walk to Black Sea and check it out. I’m told it’s literally a 5min walk.

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