Day 5 of Rally: Sweating through Hungary & Serbia

2590 Km traveled so far
32.3/200 kids sponsored

Today was a reflection of life – not everything is dramatic and Facebook note worthy. We just waited for long hours, in sweltering heat, at the Hungary/Serbia border. Picked up fights with a couple of aggressive drivers who tried to cut us off in the car line at the border crossing. Idled the car for 4 of the 4.5 hours, moving one car at a time, turned it on and off about 30 times for the other half hour – not sure what was worse for Harriet because idle was hunting between two speeds. Plugging in my OBD device tomorrow as there is no tach on the dashboard.
Met Osman of wraplegends (pictured below) – a car wrapping and decal service in Germany – while waiting the endless hours at the border. He was excited about the drive and decent enough to not comment on our shoddy sticker job (our large stickers have a bunch of air bubbles and look truly deplorable). Another kind stranger in this long line of car whipped out €20 from his pocket when he heard we were helping educate children. Met a guy at a petrol station who was getting paid €30/week to count all the cars that went by on the motorway – apparently they want to add another petrol station nearby. So non-dramatic, but life happenings nonetheless.
Also spent most of the day wondering how to sweat less. Felt like we each lost a few kilos in just sweat! (FYI: there is no a/c in the car). The seats were wet by the end of the day and we haven’t even reached Central Asia yet! (the temps are supposed to be higher there) We looked like a gypsy caravan with colorful water soaked shawls tied around the inside of the car – it might’ve been purely mental, but we felt a little cooler. Any other creative and cheap ideas to keep ourselves cool are very welcome. (I am also looking forward to the smart-ass comments about how to stop being un-cool.)

Just like Anitha’s stick driving our fundraising has been a bit of a bumpy ride. We did have a couple of kind hearts sponsor multiple kids to get us to 21/200.
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